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Patient Testimonials
Hi, I am Aarushi Rishabh a resident of Saunsar, Madhya Pradesh. I am a 28-year-old girl who has a small baby girl. She feeds on me since she is just born. Everything was going smooth and life was happier than many others around us. All of a sudden I started getting troubles with my abdomen. My bowl movements were becoming hard. I started suffering from constipation. I felt so tight in the abdomen area that many times I felt filled up. I could not eat properly despite feeding my baby since I felt filled up always. The pressure on my abdomen was building up every passing day. I did many home remedies suggested by friends and acquaintance to relive by bowel tension but in vain. Suddenly I started seeing blood in my stools every time I forced bowel movements to get rid of the tight abdomen. My private parts, in particular, the Anus hurt so much that I stopped forcing myself to poo. I also noticed some flesh hanging out of my Anus and with great fear pushed it inside using my fingers after every bowel movement. I could not tolerate the pain I felt in my Anus and went for a checkup with my Gynecologist. After checking up with me about my symptoms and the time frame for which I have been experiencing them, my Doctor said I was suffering from Second Degree Piles. One of my friends suggested me Junankar Hospital Nagpur. Dr. Niesh Junankar operated for my second-degree pile immediately through Laser surgery which has rid me of the same. Now I am happy with my child. Thanks to Junankar Hospital.
I am Lalita Devraj from Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is the middle part of India which has given rich medical methodologies like Ayurveda and Nature cure. I live in Balaghat since birth. Despite the natural surrounding and unpolluted way of living, I live a sophisticated life with maids to do all household work. Despite the same, during a cleaning operation in which I got involved in, I had to move heavy things across the hall to another room. I felt something giving up in my bowel region and my private part. I decided to take rest for a while and sat on the couch. To my dismay, I felt something under me and got up to check what it was, nothing in particular was on the couch. I sat again and felt something was underneath. This time I felt a pricking pain and I jumped out immediately. On checking, I found that a huge chunk of flesh was hanging out from my Anus and I could not push it inside. When I went for a checkup with my Gynecologist she said I had exerted myself so much that I had fourth-degree piles. He wanted me to undergo a Laser Surgery immediately since fourth-degree piles cannot be maneuvered otherwise. I underwent a Laser Surgery in Junankar Hospital Nagpur by Dr. Nilesh Junankar immediately which helped me get rid of Piles without pain. The recovery time post Laser surgery was absolutely little and again painless
I am Nirmala Thayagarajan from Katol, Nagpur. I am 53 years old and have been suffering menopausal symptoms for the past 1 year and more. I live with my husband who is a retired Bank employee. Our children are married and settled in life. I and my husband live a simple life with minimal requirements for us. We go for walking every day and have a routine lifestyle with enough leisure and time for every other thing we enjoy doing. Off late I started feeling a lot of pain in my leg and my leg weighed so much that I stopped going for out routine walks in the evenings. I could even see some swelling in my right leg. The pain was increasing day by day and I could not even move my legs off my bed many days. My children advised me to take medical assistance and I went for a casual check up in a nearby hospital. After checking me with Ultrasound and Venogram procedures, the Doctor said the diagnosis was Varicose Vein. He said Vein Ligation and Striping which is done after administering anesthesia need to be carried out on me. Then he recommended a Laser Surgery immediately since the pain was increasing every passing moment and he refer me to the Junankar Hopital Nagpur. I took his advice and underwent a Laser Treatment for Varicose Vein immediately. I thank Dr. Nilesh Junankar heartily for the painless manner in which I was treated through Laser for getting rid of Varicose Veins I was suffering from. I have started going for my regular walks with my husband. Thank you very much, doctor.
Hi, I am Deepti Roshan from Nagpur. I am a college girl studying my final year engineering in one of the famous colleges in Nagpur. I live with my parents and mine is a happy family with not much of issues we care for. We are a happy go lucky type family enjoying every moment of our life merrily. While I was on my way to my college from home on my college bus I felt excruciating pain in my private area and fell down inside the bus in a folded manner. I couldn’t bear the pain and was writing with the same till I was taken to a clinic nearby. My parents rushed to Junankar Hospital Nagpur and took me to our family physician who prescribed some medication which I took regularly. A couple of months went on with nagging pain on and off. Meanwhile, I was made to undergo several tests and the Doctor informed us that I was affected by Fissure due to insufficient flow of blood to my Anus. My Anus muscles had become so tight that I felt completely uncomfortable. It was as though I could not manage even a single day. Dr. Nilesh Junankar recommended a Fissure Laser treatment to get rid of the Fissure I was suffering. Laser treatment worked wonders for me. Not only was the Laser surgery painless, I could recover so quickly that I could attend my semester exams the same month.
One of the best services in terms of all the medications and facilities. Equipped with all the modern facilities along with Doctor and the staff. One of the best Doctor and hospital in the vicinity of busiest Pratap nagar area, Nagpur
Aniruddha Jodh
When there is an emergency patient, as obvious, when we know such news, we will end up being very much concerned and with too many questions to find answers and try to get the best treatment. Junankar Hospital make us very comfortable, answering all questions. I really thank Doctor for their response during counselling, that gave us lot of confidence.
Yogesh Tijare
I got best service at Junankar Hospital has all medical facility with trained staff. Nurse, doctor all are helping and doing their best job. They are addressing and facilitating patient care and services with highest standard.
Aditya Gurudeo
A great experience and extravagant support from the team and the doctors of Junankar hospital who helped my brother recover soon. The doctor had given a wonderful support to us during the entire period..! A very special thanks to Dr. Nilesh Junankar and staff for their hospitality to the patient!
I was here admitted for 8 days and I can tell that Junankar hospital is really very good. In my experience the doctor were really very friendly and checking on me every time. The nurse and other staff were really good.
Vijaya Bante
All my experiences at this hospital have been with good doctors and caring medical staff. It's nice to find a hospital that's relatively small (maybe mid-sized, but the impression is small) and quiet. The noise and hustle-bustle so common in other city hospitals are absent here.
Kartik Barapatre
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