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Laser Fistula Treatment
Anal Fistula Treatment Center in Nagpur
Junankar Hospital Nagpur has turned out to be one of the most famous hospitals in Nagpur. They give advanced laser treatment for fistula with the best results. The hospital has the best surgeon in Nagpur for a fistula to conduct flawless laser surgery and assist their patients in putting off the medical complications of fistula. Patients are really satisfied with the latest technology treatment and come to the facility across Nagpur and Maharashtra.
What is Anal Fistula?
The tiny channel developed between the skin and the Anus region. The situation is termed as Fistula. Some small glands are under the control of anus region, any errors or changes to them produce an abscess. Such abscesses are the most effective be the purpose for the development of a fistula. Anal fistula outcomes in infection of the intestine. Fistula can be painful causing discomfort through constant draining of mucus-like fluid.
Fistula Symptoms
Seek immediate medical attention if you observe the following symptoms. Probably these are pointers to Fistula.
  • Unmanageable pain affecting regular activities like sitting and walking around
  • Lack of Control over bowel movements which may even result in Bowel Incontinence
  • Itching and irritation in the skin surrounding the Anus region
  • Blood or Pus discharge along with motion
  • Swollen Anus and surrounding region
  • Reddish skin around the Anus
  • Foul discharge from the Anus
Fistula Causes
Many reasons cause Fistula some among them being listed below.
  • Surgery being done to drain the Anal Abscess can cause Fistula
  • After effect of complicated operations performed near the Anus
  • Inflammation of Digestive System due to prolonged presence of Crohn’s disease
  • Diverticulitis
  • Tuberculosis
Type of Fistula
There are various types of a fistula, and connected organs do their categorization. Below are some connections and few kinds of Fistula are given:
  • Enterotnteral Fistula, formed between any two parts of the Intestines
  • Colocutaneous Fistula also named as Enterocutaneous Fistula is the attachment of the skin with small intestine or the skin and the colon
  • Anal Fistula – developed as result of joining of the outer surface of the anus with the Perianal Skin.
There are several types of the vaginal fistula
  • Colovaginal Fistula develops between the vagina and colon
  • Anovaginal Fistula or Rectovaginal Fistula occur in between the rectum and anus or vagina
  • Anorectal Fistula is the possible connection between the skin around the anal canal and the anal canal
  • Urinary Tract Fistula – is the unique connection between any organ of the body and the Urinary Tract opening.
  • Urethrovaginal Fistula it the issue occur in the urethra and vagina
  • Vesicovaginal Fistula develops between the bladder and vagina
  • Vesicouterine Fistula occur between bladder and uterus
Fistula Treatments
Once the Medical Practitioner completes his examinations and ascertains that you are suffering from Fistula, then he advises on the treatment options available to treat the same. Some treatment options offered to you for getting rid of Fistula are enlisted below for better understanding.
  • Laser treatment – in this the recovery time very short since it is not the traditional one. It is a simple and easy process which causes no pain to the patients who undergo the same.
  • Using a unique glue to fill the Fistula completely
  • Covering the Fistula with a piece of tissue available for the purpose
  • Plugging the Fistula with a special plug used medically
  • Seton procedure which uses medical thread referred to as Seton which is allowed to remain in the Fistula for many weeks and then further treatment is carried out
  • Cutting the Fistula to its fullest length making it into a flat surface so it heals quickly. This process is medically termed as Fistulotomy
Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions
Pre-Surgery Instructions
  • Do not eat anything before surgery
  • Take a shower and prevent infections.
  • Wear easy and comfy garments
  • Do not use jewelry in the operation theatre
  • Take a help of family member for your care
Post-Surgery Instructions
  • Discuss post-surgical precautions with your practitioner’s
  • Perform walking as it reduces the risk of clot formation
  • Go through Sitz bathtub after the bowel movement
  • Do not use rough restroom tissues
  • Use supplements fast recovery
Myths of Fistula
  • Fistula is a curse of God
  • It is caused due to baby boy developing inside the uterus
  • It is the result of mistakes done during delivery
Advantages of Laser Treatment for fistula Over Conventional Surgical Methods
  • Patient Hospital Stay : Laser Treatment - 24 Hours / Surgical Procedure 3-7 Days
  • Pain (Post-Operative) : Laser Treatment - Low / Surgical Procedure - High
  • Recovery Time : Laser Treatment - 3 Days / Surgical Procedure - 7 to 15 Days
  • Recurrence : Laser Treatment - Low / Surgical Procedure - High
  • Complication : Laser Treatment - Low / Surgical Procedure - High
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